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Transgender pride flag Trailblazers team logo Barnstormers team logo LGBT pride flag




Trailblazers and Barnstormers joint team photo, 2017
Trailblazers and Barnstormers joint team photo, 17 June 2017.
(Back row: Johnny, Alex, Caden, Carmen, Ethan K, Simona, Erik, Loren, Whitney, Katie O, Evan, Katie E, Graham, James, Joha, Maxwell, Julian.
Front row: Ethan T, Ryan, Sawyer, Jenny, Kimeee, Robbie, Aiden, Damián, Asher.
Not pictured: Aimee, Annie, Caitlin, CJ, Courtney, Ethan S, Harmony, Kim, M, Merric, Michael, Scooby, Wesley, Zach.)


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We play with Beantown Softball League in Boston, MA.


Our sponsors for the 2018 season were Fenway Health of Boston (Trailblazers) and Eastern Bank (Barnstormers).


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Go Blazers! Go Stormers! We are sports transformers!!!


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